The ‘floating’ road in Kishoreganj

During the monsoon, a vast expanse of water takes over crop fields in the region. In the past, locals could only use boats or walk to make it to their destinations. Things have changed now. President Md Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina were behind the road initiative.
The sufferings of the people of Kishoreganj’s Haor region have eased with the construction of the Itna-Mithamain-Austagram all-weather road. As it recedes into the horizon through the haor, the road appears to be floating on the water.
President Hamid inaugurated the construction of the all-weather road in Haor on Apr 21, 2016.
After the end of nearly five years of construction work, Prime Minister Hasina opened the road through video conferencing from Ganabhaban on Oct 8.
The three Upazilas of Itna, Mithamain and Austagram are directly connected by land through this road.
The Department of Roads and Highways constructed the nearly 30-kilometre-long road at the cost of Tk 8.74 billion.
The all-weather road at Nikli Haor in Kishoreganj has now become a travel destination for tourists. Many are flocking to the region every day to experience the beauty of this amazing road.
The road has made travels through the area easier and created employment opportunities.
People use battery-powered autorickshaws and human-haulers on the road. The local administration has fixed the fairs.
The road looks impeccable at all times. One can find a touch of the diverse lifestyle of the people of Haor here.
There are 11 RCC girder bridges on this road.
The road features slope protection to prevent breakage during the monsoon.