Hasina places five proposals at UN summit to ensure resilient food systems

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has placed five proposals to ensure resilient food systems globally at a UN summit in New York.

In a recorded speech on Thursday, she said the summit was important for post-pandemic recovery and achieving the SDGs through resilient food approach.

As a “global leader” in addressing the challenges of climate change, Bangladesh is working on climate resilient agriculture and food system, the prime minister said. 

“Food security is interconnected with climate change. By 2050, the global population is expected to be 10 billion. Therefore, it is imperative for us to grow more food for these additional people.”

Hasina emphasised research, investment, and sharing of advanced technology for agricultural development.

She said increased funding was needed for the developing countries to help them achieve sustainable food systems. The prime minister called for global coalitions and partnerships for food security. 

Collaboration among countries is necessary to reduce food waste, she said.

Disbursement of the committed funds among the countries vulnerable to the effects of climate change was also necessary to help them adapt to the extreme weather events, she added.

The prime minister arrived in New York on Sunday to join the 76th UN General Assembly. She will deliver a speech at the UNGA on Friday.