'Don't waste food': Hasina stresses recycling surpluses

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged everyone to be wary of food waste and emphasised measures to recycle surpluses.

In a video address to mark 'World Food Day-2021' on Saturday, the prime minister contrasted the food shortages affecting some parts of the world with the wastefulness in others.

Stressing the need to produce food that is safe and meets nutritional needs, Hasina said, "We have to reduce food wastage.

"All over the world, there are food shortages on the one hand and a lot of food waste on the other. This shouldn't happen. We need to think about how we can recycle excess food."

The Bangladesh leader advised researchers to look at whether any other needs could be met through recycling surplus food.

In order to ensure food security during the coronavirus epidemic, Hasina said "not even an inch of land in the country should remain uncultivated".

“Many countries in the world are now short of food. Many countries are heading towards famine. But in the words of the Father of the Nation, 'Bangladesh has land, it has people. May we never suffer from a lack of food.'"

Pointing to the Awami League government's success in eradicating 'Monga' (seasonal food insecurity) in northern Bangladesh, Hasina said the region will remain "Monga-free".

"We have to pay special attention so that there can never be another famine in Bangladesh and no one can conspire to cause one."

The prime minister said the people of the country are working to ensure food security. “Food is now being produced in Bangladesh using different methods. As a result, I don't think there will be any shortage of food in Bangladesh.”