Students resume protests to demand safe roads

Students took to the streets in Dhaka again on Monday to demand the enforcement of new road safety measures.

Students from Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College staged a demonstration at the Nilkhet intersection of the capital just before 12:00 pm.

Police said the students left Nilkhet after staying on the road for half an hour.

Shahen Shah, DMP Ramna Division additional deputy commissioner, told, “Some students of Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College came to the Nilkhet intersection. However, they were removed around 12:30 pm.”

New Market Police Station OC SM Qayyum said, “Some students from Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College gathered at the Nilkhet intersection around 12:00 pm. Traffic was blocked for some time but now it is back to normal now.”

The government hiked bus fares by 27 percent under pressure from transport owners after raising diesel prices by 23 percent. Since then, students have been demonstrating to demand a half-price discount on buses.

The movement intensified on Wednesday when a Notre Dame College student was killed in a road accident involving a city corporation vehicle.

On Thursday, Dhaka was virtually paralysed due to their demonstrations.

In 2018, students from different schools and colleges in the capital took to the streets to demand the implementation of a nine-point list of demands in an unprecedented movement.

Protesters say that the government has failed to meet their demands despite their previous assurances and are pushing for those demands once again.

They have said that more demonstrations will be announced if the government does not meet their demands by Wednesday, Nov 30.