Hasina pledges support for youths to make Bangladesh a developed nation

Sheikh Hasina has pledged support for the youth, saying she believes initiatives taken by them will make Bangladesh a developed and prosperous nation.

Addressing the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2021 ceremony by video at Sheikh Hasina National Youth Centre in Savar on Monday, the prime minister said she will always recognise the works of youths. 

She said the Awami League always prioritises the youth. “They can bring changes if their lives can be developed, built in a proper way.”

It is the youth of the country that can bring technological changes to society keeping up with the developed nations, she said, praising the young generations for their efforts to help people amid the coronavirus pandemic.   

“I am always here by your side to recognise the achievements of the youth of our country.”

Hasina also praised Young Bangla, the youth platform of the Awami League’s Centre for Research and Information, for rewarding young entrepreneurs.  

“I believe such initiatives will play a role in bringing positive changes to the society of Bangladesh. Through these initiatives, we will achieve the goal of establishing a developed and prosperous Bangladesh by 2041.”

Recorded speech of Hasina’s son and her ICT Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy was also played out during the event.

Hasina’s nephew Radwan Mujib Siddiq, a trustee of CRI, handed the award to 15 youth-led organisations in recognition of their contribution to their communities.

The chairman of CRI, Joy said, “We’ve stood firm. We fought and shed blood to achieve independence. No one handed independence to us.”

“Just like that, we’re building the Golden Bengal with our efforts and talents. We’re not dependent on anyone. I’m proud that Bangladesh has such an initiative as Young Bangla, and meritorious youths who are working for the country.”

Radwan said the time has come to hand the leadership to youths in politics, business and at all other levels.

“You are our future,” he told the youth. “And what we’ll have to do is not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

“The time has come to give more responsibilities to the youth at levels from politics to business to NGOs. We’re committed to bringing the youth forward and supporting them.”