Student wings of BNP, Awami League clash again at Dhaka University

Activists from the Bangladesh Chhatra League and Chhatra Dal have clashed again at Dhaka University.

The clash occurred this time over a protest rally called by the student wing of the BNP against an attack on them by the Chhatra League activists on Tuesday.

Several Chhatra Dal activists were critically injured in the clash.

As part of the rally, Chhatra Dal led a protest march from the High Court area around noon on Thursday.

Chhatra League leaders and activists from various residential halls were patrolling the university’s Doel Chattar, TSC and Shaheed Minar areas with sticks, rods, pipes and cricket stumps. They attacked the Chhatra Dal adherents while they were heading to Doel Chattar. Both parties threw brickbats at each other.

Chhatra Dal activists later took refuge at the High Court premises but were attacked and dispersed by Chhatra League activists. They beat several Chhatra Dal activists and left them injured at the scene.

Chhatra League adherents also snatched a mobile phone from a journalist working at the online news portal The Daily Campus for filming the attack.

“Chhatra League attacked our protest event with makeshift weapons. They have beaten up our activists and left them injured at the High Court premises. Many of them are receiving treatment at various hospitals for injuries like mine. I strongly condemn the attack,” DU Chhatra Dal convener Amanullah Aman said.

“They tried to enter the campus with local weapons and outsiders in a continuation of their attempts to create unrest over the past few days. The students of the university have successfully resisted them,” said DU Chhatra League General Secretary Saddam Hossain.

“A clash occurred between two rival student groups around noon in the High Court area. Police rushed to the scene and brought the situation under control. The situation in the area is stable at the moment,” said Ramna Division Deputy Commissioner Sazzadur Rahman.

“Nobody was arrested at the scene,” he added.