Bangladesh PM rolls out Tk 100m in pandemic aid for the poor

Day labourers gather around a man who wants to hire in Dhaka’s Mirpur-1 on Saturday, May 1, 2021. Finally, he leaves without hiring anyone after failing to strike a bargain. The low-income people in Dhaka are struggling to live on amid a coronavirus crisis.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has unveiled Tk 100 million in aid package for the poor and disadvantaged people struggling to make ends meet amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The funds, provided by Hasina under Bangabandhu Memorial Trust, include Tk 50 million for a project to rehouse landless and homeless people, said Hasan Jahid Tusher, one of her press aides.

Hasina also urged wealthy individuals to step forward and support the poor and destitute in these difficult times.

The housing project’s Director Mahbub Hossain said the government had started the initiative to build homes across the country for the homeless and there was a separate fund for individuals who wished to donate to the project.