Bangladesh raises LPG price by 22%, a spike for fourth straight month

The energy regulator has increased the price of liquified petroleum gas, or LPG, for the fourth month due to a hike in the international market.

The price per kg of LPG has been adjusted up to Tk 104.92 from Tk 86.07 per kg, a 22 percent increase, for October, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission said on Sunday.

Accordingly, the price of a 12 kg cylinder rose from Tk 1,033 in September to Tk 1,259 in October.

The BERC has been setting the price of LPG for every month since April by adjusting to the prices of propane and butane of Saudi Aramco. The price was lowered in the first two months.

The regulator increased the LPG price for October because of a hike in the prices of propane and butane of Saudi Aramco, said Md Abdul Jalil, chairman of the BERC.