It’s essential to modernise education, says Hasina

Photo: PMO
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says it is essential to modernise the education system in keeping with changes in technology and the global trend.

“The world is changing, as is technology. Our education system must change to keep up,” Hasina said during a presentation of the draft outline of the national curriculum at the Ganabhaban on Monday.

“We follow our police guidelines,” she said, “But we must match the pace of everyone else. Especially with regard to knowledge in science and technology, we cannot fall behind.”

The prime minister highlighted the importance of science education in her speech.

“Another thing I have noticed is that boys and girls in our country have a certain reluctance regarding science. They don’t want to pursue science education. At one time, it was hard to find anyone in the science departments. But we value a science education. We have built 12 universities of science and technology.”

The prime minister also highlighted various aspects of the government’s efforts in building a ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

She also spoke of the reopening of educational institutions across the country on Sunday.

“Hopefully we can slowly reopen them to all students and restart educational activities in a new way.”

It was very unfortunate that schools had to be closed for nearly a year and a half, she said. 

“We managed to find various avenues to continue schooling online or over the television, but children and young people have been deprived of the joy of physically going to schools, colleges and universities.”

The prime minister praised those involved in keeping educational activities going during the coronavirus pandemic. She lauded them for making education appealing to students while also opening up paths for their lives and livelihoods.

Hasina also spoke about the government’s efforts to build schools in areas across the country that did not have access to them before.