'Voting by EVM made me as happy as the day my wife agreed to marry me': Shamim Osman

Narayanganj MP Shamim Osman has expressed his delight at casting his first ballot by an electronic voting machine, or EVM, at the mayoral polls.

Arriving at the Narayanganj Ideal School centre minutes before the vote ended on Sunday, Osman compared the experience favourably to when his wife agreed to marry him.

There was confusion throughout the day about where Osman would go to cast his vote.

Narayanganj Deputy Commissioner Mostain Billah had also been asked about it but he could not confirm the location.

But, as a resident of Jamtola, he eventually voted at Ideal School.

The confusion ensued from Osman having previously voted at a centre in Enayetnagar.

After much drama, Osman showed up at Ideal School around 3:30 pm and said: “I’m right on time. Let me vote first.”

He then went on to take a photo with a voting associate.

A member of Narayanganj’s influential Osman family, Shamim Osman triggered much discussion when he stamped his ballot for long-time rival and fellow Awami League member Salina Hayat Ivy in public in 2016.