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  • Infection: 1,982,972
  • Recovery: 779----
  • Death: 29,181

Source: IEDCR

  • Infection: 550,451,278
  • Recovery: 3,405,---
  • Death: 6,340,776

Source: Johns Hopkins University

India drop in WTC rankings

They held a 2-1 lead going into the Edgbaston Test where England pulled off an epic chase to level the series

PSG part ways with Pochettino

PSG are expected to appoint Galtier as new manager

Bangladeshi photographers win four Pink Lady awards

Bangladeshi photographers have won awards in four categories at this year's Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition. The contest, organised by The Food Awards Company of England, has already become the largest food photography competition in the world. According to the organisers, photographers from around 100 countries submitted more than 90,000 photos this year. Here are the entries from Bangladesh that won acclaim at the pre-eminent food photography competition:

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Finland, Sweden sign protocol to join NATO

The Nordic countries still need ratification that is likely to take up to a year

Brace for economic storm: Bank of England

The Bank of England warns that the economic prospects for Britain and the world have darkened since the start of the year and told banks to ramp up capital buffers

BB targets Tk 4.43bn loan for rawhide trade

Traders complain that banks are unwilling to give loans to anyone except tanneries and exporters

Johnson plunges into crisis as Sunak, Javid quit

It appears to be a final blow for the British prime minister who tried to apologise for the latest scandal involving a sexual misconduct complaint over one of his ministers

China rejects NASA accusation it will take over the moon

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said China's space programme was a military one and China rejected it as an irresponsible smear warning from the chief of NASA

Cryptoverse: The bonfire of the NFTs

The market shone gloriously last year as crypto-rich speculators spent billions of dollars on the risky assets, pumping up prices and profits

Monkeypox symptoms differ from earlier outbreaks: study

Patients report less fever and tiredness and more skin lesions in their genital and anal areas than typically seen in monkeypox

HK exchange enlists HSBC, Tencent to create carbon market

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd is setting up the Hong Kong International Carbon Market Council with six international and Chinese lenders among the inaugural members

NY artist turns home into showcase for urban dioramas

A self-taught New York artist took advantage of the pandemic to create a diverse array of dioramas that depict urban Brooklyn scenes