Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Poland keen to work with Bangladesh: Foreign Ministry

  • Senior Correspondent
    Published: 2017-04-21 14:47:48 BdST


Polish ministers have expressed their “keen interest” to work together with Bangladesh -- be it in the field of economic development or international cooperation.

Deputy Minister for Economic Development Tadeusez Koscinskiat said their ongoing economic reform was hinged on five pillars – reindustrialisation, knowledge and innovation, capital market development, export, infrastructure for inclusive growth.

With Bangladesh, he said, they are keen to identify “mutually beneficial economic opportunities”.

He was meeting with State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam who is in Warsaw now on a bilateral visit, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Friday.

In a separate meeting, Alam’s Polish counterpart Joanna Wronecka sought Bangladesh’s support for Polish candidatures in different international bodies.

Wronecka offered transfer of state-of-the-art Polish technology for extraction of mineral resources, including coal, to Bangladesh to narrow the gap in two-way trade, which is in favour of Bangladesh due to clothing exports.

She expressed her “satisfaction” at the growing high level visits and contacts between the countries and thanked Bangladesh for “successfully” hosting the IPU Assembly this month.

Alam briefed both the ministers about Bangladesh’s economic progress, investment opportunities and said many European countries are showing keen interest to invest in Bangladesh.

He recalled Poland’s contribution to Bangladesh during the 1971 Liberation War and emphasised enhanced bilateral cooperation between the two “time-tested friendly” countries.

“Bangladesh could be a lucrative destination for the Polish businesses in many priority areas like shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, leather and footwear, agro-processing,” he said.

He urged his counterpart, Wronecka, to open a resident mission in Dhaka to tap the opportunities of deepening and widening bilateral relations.

Bangladesh established its resident mission in Warsaw in 2015 “taking note of the potential of further growth in bilateral relations”, he said.

He sought her support for scholarships for Bangladeshi students and called for easing of visas for the students, who are interested to study at Polish universities.

The deputy minister assured him of taking necessary steps to facilitate visas for Bangladeshi students. She stressed regular dialogue at the senior officials or political level to further strengthen bilateral ties.

In response, Alam stressed institutionalising the regular political consultations through signing of MoU that Bangladesh has done with many other countries, including Poland’s European neighbours.

Alam assured that Bangladesh would give “due consideration” to Polish candidatures in international bodies.

The state minister who has taken a 1O-member business delegation with him also attended a ‘business seminar’ at the Polish National Chamber of Commerce, the foreign ministry said.