Monday, October 23, 2017

Ruby changes tune on Salman Shah’s death, seeks questioning of actor's former wife

  • Staff Correspondent
    Published: 2017-08-09 19:38:35 BdST


The woman, who recently claimed film star Salman Shah had been murdered, has changed her narrative just three days after releasing an explosive video confession.

In a new Facebook video posted on Wednesday, Rabeya Sultana Ruby claimed she spoke "emotionally" in her earlier message.

A former beautician and neighbour of Salman Shah, Ruby earlier claimed that her brother 'Rumi' murdered the Bangladesh matinee idol in 1996.

Rumi acted on behalf of Ruby's Chinese husband and the family of Salman's wife Samira Haq, but was himself later killed, she alleged.

She said she had escaped to the US in fear of her life. 

In her new message, Ruby said the authorities, still investigating the star's death, should question his former wife Samira to learn what had actually happened.

" … the day of the murder. Murder or suicide … whatever it was … I will not say that it was murder during an ongoing investigation. This I should not do. It was wrong of me to say that in my earlier video. I was too emotional, so I called it a murder."      

"If Samira and her father are properly questioned, you'll know if it was murder or suicide."

Salman Shah's mother Neela Chowdhury had accused Ruby, Samira and nine others of being involved in the murder in a petition she had filed with court after rejecting police's report for suicide.

After Ruby's confession on Monday, she had urged authorities in Bangladesh to record her testimony after bringing her back to the country.