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Three found dead in Rupganj: Families say they were picked up by ‘police’

  • Narayanganj Correspondent,
    Published: 2018-09-14 18:02:31 BdST


The police have recovered the bodies of three young men at Rupganj in Narayanganj and their families said they had been picked up by ‘police’ from Doulatdia Ferry Terminal.

Being informed by the local people, police recovered the bodies from near a bridge in the neighbourhood of Alampur on Friday.

Rupganj police said they do not have any information about the arrest of those men.

The dead have been identified as Md Shahidullah, 32, from Mohakhali, and Shimul and Nur Hossain Babu, 30, from Mugda in Dhaka.

Shohag and Shimul were friends and Shimul and Babu were co-brothers.

“The locals had informed the police when they saw the bodies lying on the road. Police recovered the bodies and sent them to the morgue,” said Additional Superintendent of Police Faruk Hossain.

The three men wore trousers and shirts, Moniruzzaman Monir, chief of Rupganj Police Station, told

“It seems the killers had murdered them somewhere else and dumped the bodies here,” he said.

The family members of the dead identified them at the morgue of Narayanganj General Hospital.

Shohag’s brother Shaon identified him and said Shohag ran a cable network business and a fast food shop in Mohakhali, Dhaka.

Shimul’s wife Ayesha Akhter Anni identified the other two and said her husband used to run a ‘small business’. They have a daughter.

Shohag had been traceless since Wednesday, Shaon told reporters. They rushed to Narayanganj after reading the news of the dead bodies on Facebook, he said.

Shimul went for an outing with his friends, said his wife Anni. Some people who claimed to be members of the ‘Detective Branch of police’ picked him, Anni said.

The family could not contact Shimul after that, she said.

“The district police have not conducted any raid there; I am not aware if any other law enforcement agency arrested them,” Rupganj Police Station chief Monir told could not get any response from the Detective Branch of police on the complaint made by the families.