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JSS activist shot dead in Rangamati

  • Rangamati Correspondent
    Published: 2018-11-09 13:22:41 BdST


A Jana Sanghati Samiti activist has been gunned down in Rangamati’s Langdu.

The incident took place in the Bandartala neighbourhood in Baradam village in Sadar Union late at Thursday night, said Langdu Police Station chief Ranjan Kumar.

The dead, Baja Chakma, 35, was a resident of Punyasen Karbaripara village.

JSS has blamed the United People’s Democratic Front for the incident who denied the allegation.

“The UPDF had threated to kill Baja for the last few days. Baja used to spend his nights in someone else’s house out of fear,” said Alanga Chakma, president of the Langdu Upazila wing of JSS MN Larma fraction.

On Thursday night, at around 1am, six UPDF members shot Baja and fled, said Alanga.

“This could be a result of their internal feud,” said Niran Chakma, a spokesman for the UPDF.

Niran denied his organisation’s involvement in the incident.

Police have recovered the body and kept it in Langdu Police Station, said OC Ranjan. Police will follow the legal procedure if a case is filed on the incident.

In 1997, Prasit Khisa had established the UPDF leaving the JSS protesting the Chattogram Hill Tracts Peace Accord between the government and Santu Larma.

About a decade ago, another fraction of the Jana Sanghati Samiti left the organisation and established the JSS (MN Larma) led by Sindu Khisa. Finally, Tapan Jyoti Chakma quit the UPDF last year and established another party called UPDF (Democratic).

There have been armed conflicts in the CHT due to political divisions. UPDF (Democratic) leader Tapan Chakma died in an armed attack in 2017.