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Bangla Motor’s Kajal on three-day remand

  • Court Correspondent,
    Published: 2018-12-06 17:38:37 BdST


A court has granted police a three-day remand to question Nuruzzaman Kajal, whose two-and-a-half-year –old son was found dead at a home in Dhaka’s Bangla Motor.

Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Dheeman Chandra Mandul made the decision on Thursday after a hearing of the police petition.

Police recovered the shroud-wrapped body of Noor Safayat after a six-hour confrontation with police at Dhaka’s Bangla Motor on Wednesday.

Surayat, four, was recovered by police unharmed. They also took Kajal into custody.

Law enforcers went to the home on Wednesday morning after receiving reports that an ‘intoxicated’ Kajal had ‘killed’ his younger son and was wandering their home clutching a knife, with his elder son in his grasp. The crisis was finally resolved around 2am.

Kajal’s brother, Nurul Huda Ujjal, had said at the time:

“He [Kajal] is intoxicated most of the time. He just takes drugs and sleeps. The home is his own. He fought with our uncle before Eid. We have borne it for a long time. We did not call the police because we thought of his children. Now a child is dead. His wife had gone to stay with her family after he hit her. He was living with the two children. And now this happens.”

After he was detained, Kajal claimed that Shafayat had been killed by an electric shock.

There had been no signs of injury on the boy’s body and so police had not wished to suggest a cause of death.

But Shafayat’s mother, Maliha Akhtar, had filed a murder case against her husband at the Shahbagh Police Station.

Case investigation officer SI Champak Chakravarty brought Kajal to court on Thursday to request a 10-day remand. Lawyer Abdus Sattar moved against the petition on behalf of Kajal.

He claimed that Maliha was attempting to transfer the deed to the house into her own name and that she had quarrelled and left him over the matter. Kajal had requested Maliha to take one of the children. He later sent a legal notice to her on the matter, but Maliha had refused.

After the hearing, the magistrate gave police a three-day remand to question him.

Kajal did not speak on the death of his son in court, but told the media outside that he had not killed his son.

Though he had claimed that Shafayat had been electrocuted, he told reporters on Thursday that his son had been ill and had died in his sleep.