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Rape suspect found dead in Jhalakathi, along with a note from ‘Hercules’

  • Jhalakathi Correspondent,
    Published: 2019-02-01 15:44:24 BdST


Another rape suspect has been found dead in Jhalakathi with a note around his neck on Friday.   

He has been identified as Rakib Hasan, one of the men accused of gang-raping a madrasa student in a case filed with police in Bhandaria.

Rakib is the second person accused in the case to be found dead with a note hung around his neck. 

The note read: I am Rakib who raped … in Pirojpur’s Bhandaria. This is the fate of rapists. Rapists beware -- Hercules.”

The body was discovered on a field next to a brickfield at Razapur Upazila’s Angaria village around 12pm Friday, said Razapur Police Inspector Jahid Hossain.

Police found multiple wounds on his head, face and back, the inspector told “We are trying to confirm his identity.”    

Six days earlier, Sajal Jomaddar, another suspect in the Bhandaria gang-rape case, was found dead in the district.

His body was dumped on a paddy field and the note hung around his neck had read: “I am in this state because I raped a madrasa student”.   

A madrasa student was gang-raped in a betel-leaf farm at Bhandaria’s Hetalia village on the morning of Jan 12.

Her family filed a case with police on Jan 17.

The case named Rakib Hasan, 28, of Bhitabari village in Shialkathi Union, and Sajal Jomaddar, 28, of Nodmula village.