Mayor Atiqul threatens legal action against haphazard Eid cattle slaughter

  • Staff and Dhaka University Correspondents,
    Published: 2019-08-13 23:22:59 BdST

Dhaka North City Mayor Atiqul Islam has expressed his frustration as people have not paid attention to his call for animal sacrifice at designated spots to avoid pollution and health risks during Eid-ul-Azha. 

"Legal action will be taken against haphazard cattle slaughter and disposal of animal waste in the future," he said on Tuesday, a day after the festival.

However, the mayor did not provide details on what kind of action under which law would be taken by the city corporation. 

The two Dhaka city corporations designated a total of 875 spots this year for slaughtering nearly 500,000 cattle across the capital.

Of them, the DNCC designated 400 spots for cattle slaughtering besides making arrangements for animal sacrifice at 273 places. The number of cattle slaughtering spots designated by DSCC is 602.

But the places were not able to draw attention of people at all.

Most of the people started slaughtering cattle and processing meat haphazardly on main streets, alleys or the premises of their house after the Eid congregations early in the morning on Monday.

The practice, which has been continuing for years despite the authorities’ efforts to clean up the mess swiftly by designating places for Eid cattle slaughter, turned the city into a place difficult to move around without stepping on blood and other waste materials from slaughtered cattle by midday.

Citing a slump in garbage disposal and waste management, the mayor said, "The spots were designated for cattle slaughtering but the people didn't use these. Many of them slaughtered cattle on the streets."

"It is unfortunate. If people came to slaughter cattle at designated spots, we could be able to clean up the mess swiftly."

"If anyone sacrifices animal haphazardly on the street in the future, DNCC will take legal action against them," he said.