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Bangladesh, Agartala and Kolkata liver specialists to remember Bangabandhu in a ‘unique’ way

  • Senior Correspondent,
    Published: 2019-09-17 11:13:47 BdST

Bengali liver specialists of Bangladesh, Agartala and Kolkata will convene in Dhaka and present their works to the world in a “unique” conference marking the centennial birth anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The year-long official celebration of the Bangladesh’s founding father’s centennial birth anniversary will begin on Mar 17, 2020.

The Forum for the Study of the Liver, West Bengal Liver Foundation and Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura will jointly organise a two-day ‘1st Padma-Ganga-Gomuti Liver Conference 2019’ starting from Sep 21.

Japanese specialists will also attend the conference to be held at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University or BSMMU. Japanese liver specialists will also join.

“The second and third such conference will be held in Agartala and Kolkata next year during the official celebration of Bangabandhu’s birth centenary,” said Prof Dr Mamum Al Mahtab Swapnil, chairman of the Forum.

“Our aim is to present the achievements of Bengali liver specialists to the world.”

“Bangabandhu was not just the founding father of Bangladesh. We believe he was the greatest Bengali of all time. And that’s why we, the Bengali liver specialists, will convene together to celebrate his life”, said Prof Swapnil, also chairman of the BSMMU liver department.

Enhance the awareness about liver diseases and their prevention and eradicate hepatitis B and C viruses from Bangladesh by 2030 are the major aims of the Forum.

Hepatitis B and C are known as silent killers as many people do not know when they carry those viruses. It damages liver cells, causing a disease called cirrhosis. This can lead to liver cancer.