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Nasir Mahmood has ties to a club that accused actress Pori Moni of vandalism

  • Saimum Saad,
    Published: 2021-06-17 15:39:21 BdST

Nasir U Mahmood, the real estate businessman accused of attempting to rape and murder actress Pori Moni, is a member of the All Community Club which accused the actress and her friends of vandalism a day before the incident.

KM Alamgir Iqbal, president of the All Community Club in Gulshan, has claimed that Pori Moni broke glasses and ashtrays at the venue on Jun 7.

Following his allegation, Pori Moni made a statement calling his remarks a targeted attempt to divert attention from the attempted rape. She also raised the point that Nasir was involved in the All Community Club.

Asked about the issue, Alamgir Iqbal said: “Nasir U Mahmood was once the president of the Uttara Club. He is a member of our club, but he doesn’t ever come here. However, he still has a membership.”

Asked whether the vandalism allegation was made to support Nasir after the arrest, Alamgir said: “There is no need for that. We do not wish to speak about [Pori Moni]. You wanted to know what happened and we explained it. We have nothing else to say.”

Alamgir said he had seen Pori Moni’s allegations on television on Wednesday night.

“I saw the news that night and I heard the various opinions on it. And I heard the remarks of another gentleman, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir [BNP secretary general]. There were three or four of us there and we laughed about it. How far they have taken a thing like that!”

“We don’t intend to take legal action against Pori Moni. What she did wasn’t a big deal. She broke a few plates, but the member who invited her can pay for it. The guests our members invite to the club are also guests of the club. We don’t want to hear what Pori Moni or Fakhrul Sahib wants to say about us.”

Pori Moni says she did go to the All Community Club in Gulshan around midnight on Jun 7. CCTV footage shows Pori Moni entering the club with her former fiancé, journalist Tamim Hassan, costume designer Junaid Karim Jimmy and another woman.

But she denied there was any trouble at the club, asking reporters whether it would have taken eight days for such a notable incident to come to light.

“We didn’t take a video of the incident,” Alamgir said. “She called 999 and brought in the police. The police may have filed a GD for calling them unnecessarily. I don’t know. Journalists came to us yesterday. We didn’t call them. They asked us about it so we answered.”

Asked whether club authorities would take any action against Pori Moni, Alamgir said they had no desire nor any plan to do so.

“It’s a minor issue. What happened is already in the past. Who would we take legal action against? And why? She made some minor mistakes.”

“Our club’s rules state that, if any member acts in an out of place, disorderly or unacceptable manner, they will be asked for an explanation. If their response is unsatisfactory, there will be a punishment period of about a month. We have already followed those rules and asked the member who invited her for an explanation. They have already responded. A decision will be made at our next meeting. What is the point of taking legal action? It isn’t that big a deal.”

The day after Pori Moni went to the All Community Club, she was involved in the incident at the Dhaka Boat Club in Birulia. Four days later she made a statement on Facebook, saying that she had been the victim of a ‘rape and murder attempt’.

She held a press conference on the matter later that day and filed a case against Nasir the following day. She also named Tuhin Siddiqui Omi, who had taken her to the Dhaka Boat Club, as an accomplice to the crime.