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Police describe Moosa Bin Shamsher as a ‘hollow’ man. He says he’s a victim of fraud

  • Staff Correspondent,
    Published: 2021-10-12 23:46:48 BdST

Moosa Bin Shamsher, a controversial businessman, is actually a “hollow but mysterious” man who spins imaginary tales. That’s how the police describe Moosa. But he insists that he is a victim of fraud.

Moosa has a pile of cash in Swiss banks and he made a fortune from the international arms trade, according to reports, but police believe he has “nothing”.  

The Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police quizzed him for three and a half hours on Tuesday to determine his links to Abdul Quader Chowdhury, alias Abdul Quader Majhi, based on information Quader provided after his arrest on fraud charges.

“It appears to me that he [Moosa] is a hollow, fake man. He has nothing. But he does tell intriguing tales,” said DB Joint Commissioner Harunor Rashid. Police did not find Moosa’s assets in Bangladesh. The family has a home in Gulshan, but it is registered in the name of Moosa’s wife Kaniz Fatema Chowdhury.

Moosa, Kaniz and their younger son Zuberi Hajjaj visited the DB office for the interrogation. “Moosa Bin Shamsher remained a mystery to me,” said Harunor.

The businessman, who runs DATCO Group, a manpower agent, told police that he has $82 million in Swiss banks and promised to give the law enforcers Tk 5 billion, construct a building for the Anti-Corruption Commission and a second bridge on the Padma river, according to Harunor. “We couldn’t figure out what kind of man he is.”

Police found a Tk 200 million cheque issued by Moosa in favour of Quader, purportedly a legal adviser to Moosa. Moosa told police that he gave Quader the cheque because Quader promised to repay with profits.


Speaking to reporters, Moosa claimed he was a “victim of Quader’s fraudulent acts”. Moosa also said he would file a case against Quader, who falsified his identity as an “additional secretary” to dupe people.

Moosa claimed he trusted Quader because he was "in touch with influential people", such as the inspector general of police and top army officers. “When it was proved that he was not an additional secretary, I drove him out.”

DB’s Harunor said they would investigate Moosa’s case against Quader if the businessman files one. “In fact, he [Moosa] has ties with Quader.”

Moosa used to call Quader ‘Baba Sona’, an expression of fondness and affection.  

“He cannot evade responsibility,” the DB joint commissioner said, adding that Moosa should have contacted the IGP when Quader claimed he had links to the police chief.

But Moosa said he would not take responsibility for someone who dupes people by using photos with Moosa. “Many people take photos with me.”

Quader had also entered into a contract with Moosa's wife, police said.

Quader, arrested on Thursday, was charged with defrauding people by posing as an additional secretary of the public administration ministry.

Police also arrested Quader's wife Sharmin Chowdhury and three others on charges of embezzling millions of takas by cheating ordinary people over almost 14 years.

Abdul Quader’s real name is Abdul Quader Majhi and he only studied up to Class X. Police said that Quader was using the surname Chowdhury instead of Majhi as a ploy to defraud people when he came to Dhaka.