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A minister’s cheque bounced because it was written in Bangla. He was infuriated

  • Staff Correspondent,
    Published: 2021-12-02 21:38:21 BdST


Telecoms Minister Mustafa Jabbar was enraged on Tuesday after a bank turned away his cheque because the word “December” was written in Bangla.

In his anger, he turned to social media, posting a status that said:

“I feel like committing suicide. They turned a cheque of mine away at the bank counter because I wrote ‘December’ in Bangla. What country is this?”

The bank later noted the error and apologised. Afterwards, the minister edited his status to say:

“This morning a cheque of mine was turned away at the counter because ‘December’ was written in Bangla. But the issue has been resolved. This is our Bangladesh. It has been proven that legitimate complaints will be addressed. I got the cheque cleared and received the money. Joy Bangla.”

Mustafa Jabbar spoke to about the experience.

“I always write my cheques in Bangla. It was a bearer’s cheque. But it bounced, meaning the bank did not give me the money.”

“I spoke to the bank’s senior officials after that,” the minister said. “They apologised and asked for my forgiveness.”