Shakib apologises for breaking fan’s mobile phone, ‘visiting’ Kali Puja ceremony in Kolkata

  • Sports Correspondent,
    Published: 2020-11-16 23:42:04 BdST

Shakib Al Hasan has opened up about two controversial issues involving him on his YouTube channel and apologised for his actions which triggered waves of criticism on social media.

One of the controversies was triggered when Bangladesh’s ace allrounder allegedly tossed away and broke the mobile phone of a fan while on his way to India at Benapole’s international immigration checkpoint last Thursday.

The other incident for which Shakib was harshly criticised by some on social media occurred when he visited the Kali Puja in Kolkata. Those criticising the trip to Kolkata accused him of inaugurating the Puja ceremony.

The mobile phone owner Mohammad Sector, a resident of Benapole, said, “I'm a fan of Shakib Al Hasan, I'd never seen him face to face. When I saw him that day at Benapole checkpoint, I could not contain myself.”

“Is it a crime to ask for a selfie with him? He seized the phone and furiously flinged it. As a result, my phone is now broken and out of order,” he added.

In his apology video, Shakib claimed that the outcome of the incident was unintentional.

“This video aims to clear up two matters to you. The first is about breaking the phone… I had never intended to break the phone. I was only trying to keep myself at a safe distance [from others] following the health directives in the COVID-19 times,” Shakib explained.

“A curious person wanted to take a photo coming so close to me. When I attempted to push him away, our hands came into contact and his phone fell down. It may have been broken and I sincerely apologise if that is the case. But I think he should have been cautious as well.”

On the matter of the Kali Puja ceremony, Shakib offered up an apology firsthand.

“The second incident is obviously very sensitive. I want to start by saying that I think of myself as a proud Muslim and that is what I follow. Mistakes could happen… If I did make any mistake, I ask for your forgiveness.”

The Tigers’ southpaw went on to say that the ceremony had already begun when he arrived at the place and he spoke about the time he spent there.

“In the news here or on social media, it has been said that I went there to inaugurate the ceremony. I did not go there to do it, neither did I do it. You can easily verify this. As a conscious Muslim I wouldn’t do that either.”

“Then again, maybe I shouldn’t have visited the place at all. And if that is what you have against me, I am very sorry… I would try to make sure that this never happens again.”