Saturday, November 25, 2017

Global agencies should not become policymakers of a country: Selim Jahan

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    Published: 2017-08-04 23:12:11 BdST


Bangladesh should not let global agencies become policymakers in development, says Selim Jahan, director of UNDP Human Development Report Office.

The people of a country can make the policy while local and international organisations can assist as partners, Jahan said in response to queries from the audience after his speech on development at Dhaka University on Friday.

"There can be differences of opinion, not bitterness, among those related to development, no matter at what level they are -- government, national or international," he said.

"International organisations should keep in mind that they should not become the policymakers of a country."

"The examples we are getting in different countries can be inserted into discussions and development targets," he added.

The former Dhaka University teacher of economics took questions from the audience after the speech, the “Future of Development Theory”, organised by Unnayan Bhabna.

He said development needs cooperation from the government, nongovernmental organisations and international agencies. "It can't be left on one's shoulder," he said.

In his hour-long speech, he spoke about the idea of 'development for all' in human development theory.

In reply to a question about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, Jahan said the goals lack 'philosophical base'.

"We are speaking about five dimensions - growth, people, world, cooperation and equality. We are speaking about the goals and ways to achieve those, but the philosophical base on which these five dimensions will be linked should be fixed first.” 

He also highlighted 'weaknesses' in the SDG slogan 'No one will be left behind'. "It's a political slogan in many times. We are saying this only to say this.”

"You'll have to reach the last person behind. If you can't do this, some goals could be achieved by 2030, but many will still be left behind," Jahan added.


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