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Dhaka beef prices set at Tk 450 per kg during Ramadan

  • Staff Correspondent,
    Published: 2018-05-14 17:13:20 BdST


The Dhaka South City Corporation has set the beef price in Dhaka at Tk 450 per kilogram during Ramadan.

The prices were set after a meeting with meat traders headed by DSCC Mayor Mohammad Sayeed Khokan on Monday.

Last year, the price of beef had been set Tk 25 higher at Tk 475.

The price of Indian beef has been set at Tk 420 per kilogram, the price of mutton is set at Tk 720 per kg and the price of sheep and goat meat is set at Tk 600 per kg, Khokan said.

The prices will be same in other department stores and open-markets in Dhaka.

In response of the question about the prices in the Dhaka North City Corporation area, the mayor said, “Usually they set the same prices as us. Last year, the beef price of both corporations was the same.”

“This year, the price of beef will be lower than that of last Ramadan. It will be considered the highest price for the beef. We have received several allegation that traders do not follow the set price and charge more. Steps will be taken if anyone is found to be in violation of the agreement.”

The price of Indian beef and buffalo meat was set at Tk 440 per kilogram, mutton at Tk 725 and goat meat at Tk 620.

In 2016, the price of beef had been set at Tk 420, buffalo at Tk 400, mutton at Tk 570, and goat and sheep meat at Tk 470.

The mayor hoped that the market price will be better than last year.

“The price has been set according to purchasing power. Most of the prices are stable now. We hope that it will remain stable during Ramadan.”

The mayor urged traders to be honest and maintain the price rate, quality and weight.

Rabiul Alam, president of meat trader association, claimed that traders never sell less than the desired weight. He also promised to maintain the price according to the corporation.

He also claimed that, lack of modern slaughterhouses causes multiple problems in the industry and received assurances from the mayor that they would be built.

On the other hand, the meat traders of Gabtoli market claimed that they are oppressed by goons hired by DNCC leaseholders. They say they have had to pay them at every stage of their business.

It is possible to provide beef meat at Tk 300 per kilogram, if they can be freed from the leaseholders and a separate cattle market established.

Khokan assured them that a separate and permanent cattle market would be built at the capital’s Kamrangirchar area.

“The cattle market will be built at capital’s Kamrangirchar area. Proposals have already been submitted.”

He instructed traders to maintain their code of conduct during Ramadan including weighing on digital machines, removing meat waste, keeping the shop's surroundings clean and keeping to the agreed upon prices of meat.