Bangladesh plans ‘major’ textbook overhaul in shift of focus towards quality education

  • Senior Correspondent,
    Published: 2020-10-14 21:38:10 BdST


The government is bringing “major” changes to textbooks in a shift of focus towards quality as Bangladesh has “achieved” the target to ensure education for all, Dipu Moni has said.

“Big degrees are becoming useless in real life because our textbooks have no connection with reality. This is why we are making a reality-based education system,” the education minister said at an event on Wednesday.

“Once it had been a challenge to ensure education for all. We have succeeded in overcoming the challenge and now are giving importance to quality education,” she said.

Quality education will help the students become experienced and patriotic human beings, Dipu Moni said. “This is why we are bringing major changes to the textbooks,” she added.

The Education Reporters Association of Bangladesh organised the event to distribute awards for best reporting at the International Mother Language Institute. The minister joined via video call.

Dipu Moni, who holds both medical and law degrees, believes Bangladesh’s education system is excessively based on exams, which has created extra pressure on the parents as well as the students.

“They face rising physical, mental and social pressure in the race to achieve GPA 5. To relieve them of this (pressure), we will make the lessons entertaining by reducing the dependency on tests and certificates,” she said.

To reach the goals, the minister added, it is also necessary to ensure financial security and dignity of the teachers.

“We are working on it now. The teachers will become more responsible if we can ensure these. Learning will be based on skills, not only on books,” she said.