Saturday, November 25, 2017

Well if he calls this a conspiracy, says Apu Biswas about Shakib wanting to hide their son

  • Rudra Haque,
    Published: 2017-04-12 00:04:45 BdST


The actress created a nationwide storm, appearing on live television with her son no-one knew she had. 

A lot has happened in a day after she dropped the bomb, saying she has been married to co-star Shakib Khan for nine years.

The public was in loop when Shakib said he will “accept” six-month-old Abraham Khan Joy, but not his mother. There are even talks that he has changed his mind since.

So how is Apu Biswas after her very public explosion? Glitz asked.

It seems you’re in quite a storm. How is Joy?

Yes, Joy is well.

I’ve learned that Shakib Khan is going to accept you too…

I’ve not spoken to Shakib. I got to know through journalists.

Do you trust this news? 

That’s the thing. How can I trust it, he didn’t say it to me.  

What are you thinking of now?

I’m hearing what the people have been saying. I have not got any response from Shakib or his family. I’m waiting.

Shakib Khan said you’ve stepped into a trap?

Well, if he calls this a conspiracy … how long can you hide a child? How long is it at all possible? We are human beings. We have our places in society and must live in it. We are not crazy that we will hide. We have to live normal lives. This was possible for nine years, because back then I was alone. We thought of each other and decided to stay quiet. That wasn’t a problem. When people asked me about it, I dismissed this as rumour. But a child of six months… who plays and jumps around… the way other children are taken to the doctors or just go out, I can’t do that with my son. I can go out only after 8:00pm. Then I’ve to worry about the right time to go back, this can’t be normal life!     

How did you move around with Joy during these past months? Did you ever encounter anyone you knew?

I had to get out only at nights. I had to wear Burqas. There were days that he had to be taken to a doctor but I couldn’t go with him. I had to send someone else with him. So that no-one knows he is my baby. This cannot be normal life. Why should there be a conspiracy? Conspiracies happen in movies, are there conspiracies in real life?

Why did you keep this a secret for this long?

The producers were invested in us. That was our pickup time. There were days I signed two films together. Shot five films together. There were six to seven releases in one day. I thought I’d keep my career as it is. The viewers will judge if it’s good or bad. The investors would have fallen into trouble if I spoke about my marriage. So it was then …

Were you two together all this time?

We were together. We stayed together after maintaining our film schedules. I’d stay at my place if I had too many shoots. Otherwise, I would live with him.

A film maker said he will shoot ‘Rangbaz’ with Shakib Khan and Bubli after Pahela Baishakh. What do you say about that?

He will work like the way he does. It’s his profession, so shouldn’t he work?

So you’ve made a compromise in the matter of Bubli?

Why only Bubli? Bubli isn’t a fact. Shakib has worked with so many actresses. And this is Bubli, it’s not like she is from Bombay or Hollywood. It’s shameful to put me in a parallel with her because of the two films she did that I rejected. It’s up to Shakib who he decides to work with. It’s his professional life.

So you don’t have an objection?

No, I don’t have an objection.

There are talks about a movie based on your life – Apur Sangshar. Can you make a comment?

I know nothing about a film called Apur Sangshar. Well if someone makes an entry seeing me live, besides there is a story with that name. Shakib is the one who worries about his cinemas, he says this and that every now and then, he should be more reserved. He is a big star. The top one in Bangladesh.  He should really measure what he says. Two big journalists asked him questions on Ekattor TV, whatever the scenario, he should really be more reserved. I’ll say he is my husband, not a laughing stock.    

There are talks in the media that Shaib Khan will bring you home on Pahela Baishakh…

There are talks that he will shoot a film with Bubli on Pahela Baishakh, and now there are talks that he will take me home, tell Shakib to decide what he wants. He should be making proper statements. I have to face questions if he changes his stance too much.      

What is the solution that you seek?

The solution I want is that – we are all humans, not crazy people, we did not come from mental asylums, none of us are mentally ill. I want to live the life of a normal human being. I do not want a life of complications.