Saturday, November 25, 2017

Apu Biswas visits ‘ailing’ Shakib Khan in hospital

  • Glitz Correspondent
    Published: 2017-04-13 21:43:34 BdST


Actress Apu Biswas has visited her husband and co-star Shakib Khan in the hospital, sparking new speculations over their estranged relationship.

Shakib was admitted at Dhanmondi’s LabAid hospital with ‘stomach complaints’ on Thursday, just few days after Apu’s explosive confession about her nine-year marriage with the actor.

She also revealed in a television interview that Shakib is the father of her child.

Apu arrived at the hospital in a Burqa with six-month-old son Abraham Khan Joy.

She refused to speak to reporters who were at the hospital but people close to the film stars said Shakib was ‘delighted to see his son’.

Speaking to, Apu said she talked to Shakib about their family issues besides his and their son’s health.

She was asked to comment on rumours that the two planned to restart their relationship from Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the Bangla year to be celebrated on Friday.

“What is all this talk about staying together? Were we ever apart? Shakib should first return home healthy, then …” she said.

He is feeling very week,” she said about Shakib. “He has been through a lot lately.”

There is no cause for concern for Shakib’s health, filmmaker Shamim Ahmed Roni told “We’re just waiting for the reports. That’ll decide if he has to stay in the hospital longer.”