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Shakib wants divorce from Apu as she 'breaks promise' to become a housewife!

  • Entertainment Correspondent
    Published: 2017-12-05 02:49:24 BdST


Filmstar Shakib Khan has sent a divorce letter to his co-star wife Apu Biswas, citing her not becoming a housewife after the marriage under Muslim law as the reason.

Sheikh Sirajul Islam, the lawyer for Shakib, told reporters on Monday that the letter was sent to Apu, with whom Shakib has a son, on Nov 22.

Apu Biswas converted from Hinduism to Islam before the marriage.

“She had promised to follow Muslim customs and become a housewife. But she broke the promise,” the lawyer said.

In the divorce letter, Shakib alleged Apu “went abroad with her boyfriend”, leaving her son 14 months old Abraham Khan Joy locked at home with a house help.

After the incident of Apu going out leaving their son at home last month, the couple pointed finger at each other.

In the notice seeking divorce, Shakib said he had rushed to Apu’s home after hearing the news and then filed a general diary at a police station when he failed to open the door.

Apu had denied the allegation, saying she went to Kolkata for treatment and left Joy with her sister due to cold weather in India.

“These led Shakib Khan to decide about divorcing Apu,” lawyer Sirajul said.

He also said now reconciliation council of the city corporation will sit with the couple and try to end the differences between them.

“But if Shakib thinks it is his final decision, the divorce will become automatically effective after 90 days,” he added.

According to him, Shakib gave Apu Tk 0.5 million on Joy’s first birthday and he gives at least Tk 300,000 per month for bring up his son.

The lawyer said Apu can get anytime the Tk 700,000 ‘Denmohar’ or dower Shakib had promised her during the marriage.

Shakib and Apu were cast as a pair for the first time in a 2006 film, ‘Koti Takar Kabin’, meaning a marriage with a Tk 10 million dower promised to the bride.

The duo went on to star in a number of box office hits. Rumours swirled around their romance ever since.

The two tied the knot in 2008, but kept it a secret until April this year, when Apu appeared on live television in an interview with their son, born in September last year.