After posts trolling rock star James, singer Noble says his Facebook account is ‘hacked’

  • Saimum Saad,
    Published: 2021-05-15 01:51:40 BdST


After a flurry of posts trolling rock star Faruq Mahfuz Anam James, singer Mainul Ahsan Noble says his Facebook account has been “hacked” into.

Noble also said on Friday night that he still had “partial control” of the account.

The singer shot to fame in 2018 and 2019 through Indian musical reality TV show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, where he had sung iconic songs of James as well.

The controversial posts, including some with vulgar language, began flooding his Facebook Wall on Thursday night.

The posts also targeted lyricist-composer Ethun Babu and some other musicians.

Netizens then harshly criticised him. Some suspected his account has been hacked.

Noble said his page has total 27 pages involved with it. They include two administrators and some editors.

“There has been some trouble because it (alleged hacking) happened from a 'high level'.”

The singer said they were contacting the regional office of Facebook in India.

“If it doesn’t work in India, we will go to the Silicon Valley, if needs be, to recover my page,” he said.     

“The statuses will stay for now. There is no problem. But we will recover it.”

Asked when he lost control of the page, he said he did not totally lost control of it. 

“I’ve been threatened that more troubling posts will be uploaded if the current posts are deleted. That’s why I'm not deleting them. I want to secure my Facebook page.”

But many are sceptical of his claim of his page being hacked.

“It hasn’t been hacked. Those who think that it has been hacked are mistaken. Because an admin of a page will receive a notification first if someone wants to remove him. If he does not allow it, he cannot be removed,” wrote a netizen.       

The Facebook user also alleged that Noble was uploading “lame” posts only to garner publicity of his music videos. “He (Noble) will finally claim that his page has been hacked.”

Noble had apologised last year after the Rapid Action Battalion called him to its office for his controversial Facebook posts.

He had said at the time that he had done it for the publicity of one of his songs.