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Twitter users lose calm as Saudi Arabian region gets snow-covered

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    Published: 2018-01-28 14:16:07 BdST

Mount Al-Lawz is located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, close to the border with Jordan. Photo: Saudi Press Agency

The impact of climate change is now more real than ever as snowfalls have blanketed Saudi Arabia's Tabuk region.

The otherwise hot and barren mountainous areas turned white with the rare snowstorm and turned into a sight to behold lately.

Enchanted, residents and visitors from outside the region wasted no time to enjoy the unusual white winter.

Photo: Saudi Press Agency

Photo: Saudi Press Agency

Cars thronged roads leading to Mount Al-Lawz as visitors wanted to get a glimpse of the rare snow before it melted away, reports the Arab News.

Photo: Saudi Press Agency

Photo: Saudi Press Agency

Social media sites were flooded with photos and videos of people enjoying the frosty day.

Surrounded by mountains in the desert region, the northwestern area of the country occasionally sees a sudden snowfall but it does not last long.