Friday, November 24, 2017

Chikungunya outbreak limited to Dhaka, not an epidemic: Health state minister

  • Senior Correspondent,
    Published: 2017-07-10 19:03:24 BdST

Photo: PID

Chikungunya cases have risen sharply in Dhaka but the outbreak did not amount to an epidemic, according to the state minister for health.

The mosquito-borne viral disease did not have many victims outside the capital, said Zahid Malik at a media briefing at the ministry on Monday.

"It isn't an epidemic, but the virus has spread significantly."

"The cases are mostly in Dhaka city. There aren't many cases in other districts," he said.

The minister claimed he did not find one person suffering from the viral fever in his recent visit to Manikganj.

"This isn't a deadly disease. The virus is carried by mosquitoes, similar to dengue."

The health ministry took adequate measures to stop the spread  of chikungunya by "enhancing treatment facilities and organising awareness campaigns in the form of road rallies participated by all government ministries, students and staff of government medical colleges," he said.

The health ministry did not have the authority or measures for exterminating mosquitoes, he said. "Municipality authorities are in charge of extermination. Maybe this year they couldn't carry these out timely or efficiently."    

"The health ministry has held talks with the two mayors of Dhaka. We have told them to take stronger measures for exterminating mosquito populations.

"But keep your neighbourhoods clean. This we cannot do. We can only provide treatment. The mayors have told us they'll take better measures for killing mosquitoes in the future."