Thursday, October 19, 2017

'Caring India' sets 5000-patient-a-year milestone in medical tourism

  • Senior Correspondent,
    Published: 2017-07-24 05:01:31 BdST


Indian medical tourism facilitator, Caring India, has set a new milestone by facilitating over 5,000 Bangladeshi patients to see Indian doctors in a year.

Its Director Shahnul Hasan Khan described this “success” of his organisation that helped patients with medical tourism assistance.

Caring India organised a seminar on Sunday at Dhaka Club in association with Delhi-based Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, India to increase awareness on urology, oncology, cardio thoracic and vascular surgery treatment facilities.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital’s specialists- Dr N. Subramanian (Senior Consultant, Urology), Dr Feroz Pasha (Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology) and Dr MukeshGoel (Senior Consultant, Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery) shared their knowledge and interacted with the audience.

Bangladeshis are the largest foreign takers of Indian health services, according to a government report that showed that one in three foreign patients in India was from Bangladesh in 2015-16.