SeekMed: A digital medical solution spreading nationwide

  • Published: 2020-02-09 12:10:24 BdST


Seekmed, a revolutionary telemedicine app, is providing access to professional and ethical medical advice of award winning Indian doctors at a cost of only Tk 1,200.

The app, which is spreading nationwide, allows Bangladeshis to consult Indian doctors from the comfort of their homes.

People from different parts of the country have already taken their services and benefitted immensely from it. One of them is Aniruddha Sur, Lake Shore Hotel’s senior executive of sales and marketing.

“It is a big advantage for the people of Bangladesh. By spending only Tk 1,200, I am being able to consult a top quality doctor from India.”

In this modern day and age, with fast Internet services and digitalisation, medical services can be availed through smart phones by using an app where one can upload prior medical records for doctors to have a better understanding of the condition.

Rasheda Akter, a senior teacher of Pallabi Majedul Islam Primary School said, “My son introduced me to SeekMed. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about consulting a doctor who does not have any idea about my prior medical conditions, especially when the consultation is happening without me being physically present.”

“But then my son informed me that I can upload my previous medical reports as well, so that the doctor can provide an informed diagnosis.”

 With many other exciting features like this, SeekMed aims to provide a convenient solution to medical issues  -- a solution that does not require the patient to be physically present for a medical consultation with international doctors.

 “Going abroad for medical consultation costs a lot of money. It also requires some hectic preparations, from managing visas to booking plane Tickets. It is so much easier if you can avail the same service while sitting in your home,” said Aminul Bahar, general manager of Bangladesh Krishi Bank Comilla.  

SeekMed is also making strides in creating a smooth payment process.

Laxman Kumar, A computer operator from Khulna, said, “For an international service, the payment process of SeekMed Bangladesh was very smooth, without any kind of complication. I paid the consultation fee through my Bkash account.”

International medical consultation is now just a click away. With SeekMed, patients can take better control of their medical decisions from the comfort of their homes.


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