Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hifazat-e Islam praises govt for ‘cleansing textbooks’

  • Chittagong Bureau,
    Published: 2017-01-15 00:53:38 BdST


The Hifazat-e Islam has come out with all praise for the government for expunging 17 pieces of information which they term 'pro-atheism and anti-Islam', from school textbooks.

This was conveyed through a press release sent to various media houses on Saturday evening.

Signed by Moulana Munir Ahmed, the press secretary of the Amir (chief) of the organisation, Shah Ahmed Shafi, the press release said that the government 'having realised the gravity and sensitivity of the issue' has decided to go for some 'positive' changes to the books.

The release, while praising the government, lashed out at those criticising the move.

The release said such individuals, who are claiming that the change in the syllabus is in line with the demands of the Hifazat-e Islam, are working with the 'agenda to promote hatred against Islam and atheism.'

The release observed that the 17 pieces of information, now dropped, were included in the syllabus in 2013.

Hifazat-e Islam on Apr 8, 2016, objected that Muslim children 'being made to read atheism and Hinduism' supporting lessons at schools and colleges.

Observing that in a democracy the government is answerable to the criticism and aspirations of the people, the release went on to praise the government 'for the positive initiative.'

In the release, Shafi criticised the critics of the change saying, "They have objections to 'Aw teawrna' ('Aw for veil') but do not have problems with 'Ta te tabla' ('Ta for tabla')...or 'Hri te hrishi' ('Hri for sage)..."

Claiming that such critics represent a very insignificant number, he said that opinions regarding the change should be sought from a cross section of the society including the guardians of students and political leaders, down to individual levels.