Monday, September 24, 2018

Making Chief Justice Sinha 'sick' may backfire for Hasina, warns Gayeshwar

  • Senior Correspondent
    Published: 2017-10-10 20:42:25 BdST

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy (File Photo)

BNP leader Gayeshwar Chandra Roy has said 'making Chief Justice S K Sinha sick' and sending him abroad may boomerang against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

"The chief justice was compelled to go on sick leave. Those who have done this, if they do the same to you, what will you do?" he posed the question to her.

The BNP Standing Committee member was speaking at a discussion organised by the Nagorik Odhikar Andalan Forum at the National Press Club on Tuesday.  

The BNP has been sceptical since the news of Justice Sinha's leave application appeared in the media saying the chief justice has been "forced to go on leave" as the ruling Awami League did not like the 16th amendment appeal verdict.

Gayeshwar alleged that the prime minister herself with the help of her "own cohorts coerced the chief justice into submitting the leave application."

"With this move, the ruling regime wants to establish its control over the judiciary," he alleged.

Gayeshwar said it was nothing but a mockery when the ruling party leaders and activists called Hasina the 'mother of humanity.'

"If it were the mother of humility then that could be acceptable. The rights organisations are publishing reports every year that there are no human rights in Bangladesh," he added.