Thursday, January 17, 2019

PM Hasina wants Khaleda's mental state be examined

  • Senior Correspondent,
    Published: 2018-01-07 03:13:45 BdST


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that a medical examination should be carried out to check the 'mental state' of BNP chief Khaleda Zia.

"I can't say if there is any mental problem. I think an examination is required to check whether she is mentally ok," Hasina said while addressing the Working Committee meeting of the Awami League at the Ganabhaban on Saturday.

The prime minister's comment came in response to Khaleda's reported remarks that the newly purchased Navy submarine sank after the inauguration.

However, Khaleda's aforesaid remark was not reported in any of the mainstream media. It was seen in a video shared on the Facebook. Later, an online portal made a report based on the video in which Khaleda was seen commenting.

Hasina said that Khaleda did not know that "submarines stay under the water”.

"Or is she trying to send an agent with bombs to blow the submarine?" Hasina taunted.

The Awami League chief also said Khaleda was a “liar from top to bottom”.

Khaleda had earlier served Hasina with a legal notice for mentioning reports in her comments that the BNP chief and her family hoarded wealth in Saudi Arabia.

“We’ve seen such legal notices served on every occasion many times before. I’ll reply to it inappropriate time,” Hasina said on Saturday and dared Khaleda to send legal notices to the media outlets that covered the issue and to Saudi Arabia.

In response to Khaleda’s Twitter post that 'not ballot but bullet is the source of Hasina’s power', the prime minister said, “Many of you know that after returning to Bangladesh in 1981, I had always said the power would be changed through ballot, not bullet.”

“Because it was Ziaur Rahman (BNP founder and Khaleda’s late husband) who captured the power with bullets while Khaleda went beyond that. She captured the power by promising (foreigners) to sell gas,” Hasina said.