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Medical board decides not to change Khaleda’s medical treatment until new tests

  • Senior Correspondent,
    Published: 2018-10-07 18:06:30 BdST


The medical board formed to oversee the care of BNP chief Khaleda Zia has decided not to make any immediate change to her treatment until she undergoes tests.

The medical board came to the decision on Sunday after going through all the medical documents of the BNP chairperson, who was admitted to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, or BSMMU, on Saturday.

BSMMU Director Brigadier General Md Abdullah-Al-Harun informed the media of the matter at a news briefing on Sunday.

“The chief of the medical board, Prof Abdul Jalil Chowdhury, saw her yesterday. Today the five members of the medical board went to see her and scrutinised her medical documents.”

“They decided that she should continue receiving the same treatment until they meet again. They will get her complete medical history and order tests. The board may see Khaleda Zia again on Monday.”

Asked whether Khaleda met with the medical board on Sunday, the BSMMU director said that the members of the board had waited to see her but were unable to do so. They only reviewed her documents on Sunday.

The BSMMU director said a member of the board, Prof Sajal Krishna Banerjee, had gone to Barishal for an urgent matter and would return on Oct 9.

“Prof Tanzina Parvin is taking his place.”

Khaleda’s personal doctor Abdullah Al Mamun was also with the board, Harun said. He had spoken to them while they went through the medical documents.

The head of the board, Abdul Jalil Chowdhury, had also met her. Prof Syed Atiqul Haq, Prof Sajal Krishna Banerjee, Prof Nakul Kumar Dutta and Prof Badrunnesa Ahmed are the other members of the board.

Pro-BNP doctor AZM Zahid Hossain has objected to the new medical board, saying that the reshuffling had not followed the orders of the court.

The BSMUU is not allowed to tap members of the pro-Awami League Shadhinata Chikitshak Parishad, or SHACHIP, or the pro-BNP Doctors Association of Bangladesh, DAB, for the new team, according to the High Court.

Hossain objected that Prof Sajal Krishna and Prof Nakul Kumar were ‘live members’ of SHACHIP.

Asked about the matter, BSMMU Director Harun said the court had instructed that three of the medical board members must not come from DAB or SHACHIP, but there were no restrictions on supporters or ‘near members’.

When asked whether Khaleda had requested any specific order, he said: “No, we have not received any demand so far. If we receive demands, we will proceed according to the court order.”

BNP leaders have met the BSMMU director with a request that the court’s orders be followed in the treatment of the party chief. They also voiced their objections to the new board formed and threatened to take the matter to the court again.