Sunday, October 20, 2019

Awami League’s Quader defends axing of senior leaders from cabinet

  • Staff Correspondent
    Published: 2019-01-07 20:50:12 BdST


Obaidul Quader has argued that the move to keep senior Awami League leaders out of the new cabinet aims to make sure the party remains a 'separate entity' from the government.

“Nobody is going to lose anything. I think it is a change and transformation of responsibility,” said the ruling party’s general secretary after the new cabinet was sworn in on Monday. 

“We don’t want to get the party involved in the government.  A part of the responsible leaders should be in charge of the party to make it a separate entity from the government.”

Almost all senior leaders of the ruling party have been left out the new cabinet to be headed by Sheikh Hasina, who took oath for her third-consecutive term as prime minister on Monday. 

Of the 15 members who form the Awami League’s policy-making presidium, only Abdur Razzaque has been given a spot in the cabinet.

"I’ll not say that anyone has been left out. Some will perform the duties of government while some will do more party work. "

Quader, who retained his portfolio of road transport and bridges minister, believes the cabinet will work to implement the party's campaign pledges.

“We have to strengthen they party to deal with the challenges in implementing the election manifesto."

When asked why ally party leaders have been left out of the new council of ministers, he said, "We’re all together. The 14-party coalition is with us. Our alliance isn’t broken because of who became ministers.”

“Being minister is a five-year deal, but there may be expunctions and reshuffles, and those who don’t perform well may be heading out halfway.”