‘Would you be happy if I slept until 12pm like Khaleda does?’ Hasina asks BNP MP Rumeen

  • Staff Correspondent, bdnews24.com
    Published: 2019-09-12 02:33:41 BdST

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said she is working relentlessly in an effort to make government organisations more active out of a sense of responsibility to the nation that she feels as Bangabandhu’s daughter.

She was responding to BNP's Rumeen Farhana in parliament on Wednesday.

The MP from the seats reserved for women claimed the government needs Hasina’s instructions all the time – “from killing people to repelling mosquito”.

“Such practice” indicates that all the government agencies have “become ineffective”, Rumeen said.

“Institutional success is a pre-condition for an effective state,” the MP said and asked: “Don’t these ineffective organisations point to the government’s utter failure in running the state affairs?”

In reply, Hasina termed the question “unacceptable, unparliamentary, and irrelevant”, and said the MP was “equating killing of people with repelling of mosquito”.

“The people have given me the duty of prime minister to ensure their welfare. I haven’t taken charge as prime minister for comfort. I feel responsibilities towards them as the daughter of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu. I work day and night because of this,” Hasina said.   

“I always try to keep the organisations more active, not to make them ineffective,” she said.

“Would the questioner be happy if I slept until 12pm like her leader Khaleda Zia does?” Hasina asked.   

The prime minister said it was the BNP during whose tenure Bangladesh became an “example of ineffective state” due to the activities of the then prime minister Khaleda and her son Tarique Rahman.

“The important state decisions would come from a person who was not related to the state machinery. The prime minister remained asleep while her son took decisions in the Hawa Bhaban. Ministers and secretaries would wait for orders from the Hawa Bhaban,” she said. 

On the other hand, Hasina said, the Awami League government has made Bangladesh a “role model” of development.

“This hasn’t happened automatically, but with everyone’s effort. This achievement would not have been possible had the agencies been dysfunctional. Bangladesh is making progress because the state machinery is working,” she said.

She also said the BNP would have ceased to exist had the Awami League pursued the “politics of vengeance”.

She reiterated the allegation that it was BNP founder Ziaur Rahman who introduced Bangladesh to “politics of killings, coup, corruption, loot”. 

“Ziaur Rahman destroyed an entire generation. That is why BNP MPs now easily speak about killing people,” she said.

Khaleda committed “more wrongdoings” than her husband Zia did, Hasina alleged.

“She, her two sons and leaders of their party left no crimes uncommitted – creating militancy, unleashing fire terror, bomb attack, committing money laundering, embezzling orphans’ money,” she said.     

“The questioner tars Khaleda Zia and me with the same brush from these ideas,” she added.