AL discloses ‘scandalous’ stories to divert public attention: BNP on Papia, casino scam

  • Senior Correspondent,
    Published: 2020-02-25 23:18:26 BdST


The Awami League discloses “scandalous” stories about its members to divert public attention whenever it is in trouble, arch-rival BNP says.

Standing Committee Member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain made the allegation on Tuesday referring to the arrest of Jubo Mohila League leader Shamima Noor Papia and seizure of huge cash from a home of Awami League leaders Enamul Haque Enu and Rupon Bhuiyan.

Jubo Mohila League expelled Papia after the RAB arrested her earlier this week saying she made a fortune through crimes such as trading in drugs and arms, helping others grab land, and running illegal sex trade in a luxury hotel in Dhaka.

Brothers Enu and Rupon had been arrested for their alleged links to illegal casino business. The RAB seized Tk 260 million during a drive on a home belonging to the duo on Tuesday.

“You should notice that the government tries to divert public attention by publishing scandalous stories about misconducts of its own members whenever it sees any grave crisis ahead,” Mosharraf told a discussion.

A pro-BNP organisation held the event at the National Press Club in Dhaka demanding release of party chief Khaleda Zia who has been in jail in two corruption cases. The High Court is set to resume hearing her appeal for bail in one of the cases on Thursday.    

“The government was in dire straits when it conducted the anti-casino operations. I think the government is on the brink of collapse right now after losing all control. It wants to divert public attention to save itself by bringing these matters [Papia and casino scam issues] to the fore,” Mosharraf said.

“Casinos continue operations, extortions are going on, but at last a general secretary of Jubo Mohila League has become an issue. You are learning about her in the newspapers and you will see more in the future.

“Whenever something like this happens, what the government does is it expels the person from the party and say afterwards that none of them is involved with such misconducts,” the BNP leader said.

“We have one question – what identity these godfathers flaunted when they did all these wrongdoings. What name did the monsters who killed Abrar [BUET student] use? They used the name of the ruling party’s [student wing] Chhatra League,” he said.

Referring to expelled Jubo League leader Ismail Hossain Chowdhury Samrat who was arrested in the crackdown on illegal casinos, Mosharraf asked, “Is it credible that no one sees these Samrats running casinos year after year before the eyes of all the authorities?”