‘You need to be raped’: Outrage after Bangladesh doctor allegedly tells woman about sexual health

  • News Desk, bdnews24.com
    Published: 2020-07-13 21:58:37 BdST


Facebook has gone into meltdown after a woman accused an obstetrics and gynaecology consultant at Square Hospital of suggesting during a consultation that she needed to be raped.

The doctor later denied any wrongdoing and dismissed the allegation as “trumped-up and unethical disinformation”.

Afsara Tasnim Bushra alleged that Dr Kazi Shamsun Nahar on Saturday made the “shocking” remarks while diagnosing her condition, known as vaginismus – a spasmodic contraction of the vagina which causes pain upon physical contact during intercourse.

“Upon arrival, the doctor kept asking me if I was married … at least 5-6 times, because she said it was so shocking that a girl who isn’t even married is so concerned about her sexual health. She said she was happy she didn’t die from coronavirus, because otherwise she wouldn’t have come across such a funny case,” Bushra wrote in a Facebook post.

“The doctor then proceeded to perform a pelvic exam on me, which was extremely painful and I kept telling her that she is hurting me. After the exam she sat me down and told me some of the most horrific things I heard coming out of someone’s mouth. She told me that I should not talk to anyone about my health concerns, and that me even knowing about vaginismus is going to create problems for me in the future. This shows that she is extremely against sex education, and doesn’t want people to try and learn about their sexual health,” Bushra wrote.

Bushra, 21, quoted the consultant as saying: “These types of girls need a wild/animalistic husband, the kind who'd rape or force themselves on her. Because these girls don't want to give consent to sex due to the pain they suffer for their condition. So they should just be raped in order to fix this.”

“I left her chamber in tears and broke down into the worst panic attack of my life. I couldn’t believe I just paid someone to say this to me and I felt so hurt and broken and violated. I was angry at myself for not saying anything to her, because who knows how many girls have left this woman’s chamber feeling worthless and in tears, thinking that they too need to be raped.”

The hospital was quick to issue a statement in an attempt to avert a PR disaster, sharing Dr Nahar’s response to Bushra’s Facebook post. The physician defended herself saying she had asked “logical and relevant questions to identify the patient's physical and mental state”.

The doctor, however, would not disclose anything spoken during the diagnosis session with Bushra as it is not within the bounds of medical ethics.

Dr Nahar who boasts 22 years in medical services said she did not feel that the patient or her mother who had accompanied her had any complaints against her consultation, nor did they lodge an official complaint with the hospital authorities at that time.

“If Afsara Tasnim Bushra thinks my statements wronged her in any way during the treatment then she definitely has all the rights to take legal steps against me,” the statement quoted Dr Nahar as saying.

“Instead of doing that, she is spreading disinformation to ruin my image and embarrass me socially, which is extremely undesirable,” she said.