Workopolo: A perfect solution for remote workforce

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    Published: 2020-06-01 18:48:37 BdST

As working from home has become the new norm for most offices amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative for employers use the right employee monitoring software to easily guide a remote workforce.

A growing number of businesses is now turning to Workopolo, one of the most powerful task-tracking tools out there to monitor their workers.

The app, available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple Store, tracks, monitors and interacts with remote workers assigned to carry out specific tasks or projects.

It helps employers get a better idea of how they’re staff are keeping up with their tasks.

In this article, we will present to you Workopolo, an app that is successfully guiding and monitoring remote employees and ensure they’re always productive. We’ll be going over its features, integrations, pros and cons.

The Benefits of Monitoring Remote Work

As the pandemic rages on, a good monitoring system can help reduce the need for employees to work in an office space considering all the health risks involved. An effective monitoring can ensure that employees are held accountable for their output each day, including records of time spent on each task, while keeping them motivated enough to produce results regularly.

To that end, Workopolo offers a perfect solution for a business striving to conduct its operations remotely.

With Workopolo, managers or heads or team leaders can calculate the tasks a team is working on, the time they’re spending on each task, customer sites they’re visiting as well as the times they log in and out.

It can also help manage and allocate tasks to each team member and offers a unique weekly rating system to project how an individual is performing. The app is already being used by conglomerates in Bangladesh such as Bangla Trac Group to great reviews.

Simple Time Tracking 

A major problem with most remote work tools are that they’re complicated to use. They require a lot of manual input which could be a big turnoff for most employees.

Luckily, Workopolo is extremely easy to use.

All an employee has to do is start the timer before they start a task. Workopolo will quietly run in the background – calculating the time spent. Your team doesn’t have to manually enter anything – all they have to do is start and stop the timer!

Just because employees are manually starting and stopping the timer doesn’t mean that they can exaggerate their working hours. Workopolo has features that make it nearly impossible to fake data.

Deadline Reminders 

Worried that your employees maybe on social media and instant messaging sites when they’re supposed to be working?

With Workopolo, you don’t have to worry about that.

Whether an employee is into unproductive task, the app automatically sends them a notification every 4 hours asking them if they’re on track for a deadline. This little nudge is usually enough to get them off from any unproductive means and back to work.

Other features include a live location movement log of any team member to ensure security and time efficiency.

Employees can check-in and check-out before and after attending a meeting/customer visit/service call. Supervisor gets notified and approves the subordinate’s activity.

Workopolo also holds a big list of preloaded customers with their location. New and potential customers can be added to the database upon supervisor approval.

Supervisors can rate subordinates weekly based on their performance. This helps with long term performance evaluation and appraisal.

A digital and effective notice board that notifies every team member about relevant organisational updates.


The app also contains a dedicated feature for the sales team to keep updated with all the available products or services and make sales call efficiently. From basic product information to final booking, everything is in one place.

Through its dashboard, the app projects every user’s average performance and contribution over weekly period.

HR can also communicate any kind of announcements, policies and share forms and documents with all employees using the app.

Privacy Controls 

An average remote worker is usually suspicious of any remote employee monitoring software as they’re worried that their security may get compromised and they wouldn’t be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They’re concerned that they’ll be monitored during non-work hours as well.

With Workopolo, they can rest assured that their work-life balance won’t be disrupted. The app immediately stops monitoring employees once the timer is switched off. There’s no way for it to track an individual during their breaks or non-functional hours – giving them a sense of security over this matter.

Workopolo pros:

>> Powerful automated time tracking capabilities with an integrated location tracker.

>> Great performance monitoring features. 

>> Detailed reports to keep track of your team and what they’re up to.

>> Strict privacy controls to ensure the security of your employees’ information.

>> Can be integrated with long term evaluation and appraisal functions.


>> On desktop, you can only work with Web Administration & Reporting Panel. So it’s more of mobile centric.  

>> The tool may be more suited to companies or corporate bodies than freelancers and small scale entrepreneurs. 

Guiding your remote employees doesn’t have to be hard. With the right employee monitoring tool, you can easily keep track of what they’re doing and keep your workforce productive. If you’re running your own entity, enterprise, heading a division or department, being the head of Human Resources, a CEO of a large organisation, Workopolo might be the right tool for you. It has the required features and integrations to make your employee monitoring process a breeze.

For more details on the app or even a trial to experience it for yourself,

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