Samsung redesigns its smartphone user interface with One UI 2 for simplicity

  • News Desk,
    Published: 2020-06-24 04:24:48 BdST

Samsung is going to unveil its new One UI 2 user interface to simplify the use of smartphones.

“In 2018, the company has introduced ONE UI and received an amazing response from the users. In continuation, Samsung came with an upgrade, ONE UI 2,” the South Korean giant said in a statement on Tuesday.

Explaining the One UI, designer Soyeon Lim emphasised that the UI is designed to gain ‘everyday simplicity,’ saying, “One UI was designed to help users focus on important tasks by eliminating distractions.”

In the new One UI 2, a new style of icons and configurations were introduced with revamped colours and movements. Now the icons are more distinctive and clearer than before and have certain motions to them, such as the ‘settings’ icon tumbles to inform the users to know that an update is underway, according to the statement.

“Developing One UI 2, the first priority was to make it easier to use and simple, so that anyone can work with this interface without any difficulty.  Pop-up screens that used to appear on top and bottom were made more compact and simplistic to minimise distractions,” the company said.

The camera app has made easier, slick, and all the various modes like food or night mode are not cramped up on camera interface anymore.

“Photo, video and live focus mode can be selected on the screen, and all the other special modes can be accessed by swiping through ‘More.’ In the case of multiple cameras, there is a zoom slider on the camera app to simply zoom in or out instead pinching into the subject.

“As we use our phones for a long time, One UI 2 is made to be more comfortable to the eyes. In the previous version, ‘viewing’ and ‘interaction’ were respectively placed on the top and bottom. In the latest UI, most of the tasks are designed to be done at the bottom of the screen, which is more convenient than before,” the statement read.

The new keyboard is more user-friendly with the option to use the spacebar as a cursor. With enhanced ‘dark mode,’ it would be easier to work for a longer period and will exponentially reduce eye strain. The screen’s brightness is well-adjusted even without changing the theme or the desired appearance of your screen.

As the world’s “most popular” phone manufacturer, Samsung phones also have special settings for people with special needs and has improved the phone’s visuals and enhanced the accessibility settings.

Consequently, One UI 2 will be more user-friendly for the visually impaired. On top of that, those who face problems reading texts on a screen, high contrast visuals are implemented, and a yellow keyboard to see with ease while typing, the company added.