'Bangladesh Unlocked': A trivia-based Facebook game to inspire future leaders

  • News Desk, bdnews24.com
    Published: 2020-10-31 19:16:48 BdST

‘Bangladesh Unlocked’, a trivia-based game on Facebook, covers a myriad of aspects relating to the country including culture, history, language, arts and sports.  

For many of us, our nation’s past remains a mystery. Despite the fact that the nation's history comprises some of the most spectacular events the world has seen, carried out by some of the most extraordinary heroes of our time, many of us remain ignorant of their existence, and the way they contributed to the birth of our small yet powerful country.

The history of Bangladesh is filled with the sacrifices of our forefathers. These sacrifices came about in the face of intolerable injustice and, it is only through the determination with which people all across the nation fought for their right to speak their own mother tongue of Bangla that our country came into existence.

Without the relentless struggle for freedom and unwavering faith in the values of democracy and secularism, Bangladesh’s birth would not have taken place and we would not be able to speak freely and identify ourselves as Bangladeshi.

And yet, many of us remain oblivious to the events which contributed to our existence, the countless failures and successes which have led to Bangladesh as we know it today, one of the fastest growing economies in the world and an export powerhouse.

Is it not a shame that so many of us have forgotten our history and the deeds of those who dared to rebel, the words of those who stood up against violence?

Without this knowledge of history, how can we claim to know Bangladesh? And without knowing Bangladesh, how can we claim to know ourselves?

Can we then even claim to be Bangladeshi if we remain unaware of the principles on which its existence came into being? What about our diverse culture and heritage, filled with the languages, art, and poetry of the some of the most incredible artists the world has seen?

Do we know, for example, which Bangladeshi poet is referred to as “Polli Kobi”? Or which nation refused to allow us into the UN? Are we aware of the great minds which designed the Jatiya Sriti Shoudho and the House of Parliament?

If we do not know, it is about time that we do. Such ignorance can only lead to apathy and, worse, a lack of understanding when it comes to our own identity, inherently tied up as it is with our nation. It is as a result of this lack of understanding that true leadership has become so rare.

For a leader to emerge, they must believe in the history of the nation and its values, and their conviction must push them to make sacrifices, in the way our forefathers did, in order to ensure the betterment of Bangladesh.

A lesson in history

Bangla Trac Limited, also known as BanglaCAT, as an organisation has always cared deeply about the nation which allowed it to become so successful in its field, currently standing as the largest provider to the energy, power and infrastructure development sectors in Bangladesh, with their generators accounting for almost 40% of the national grid’s electricity production.

This love for Bangladesh has led them to become the first ever corporate entity in the nation to create a trivia game on Facebook that tests the knowledge of players about all things about Bangladesh.

The game, titled ‘Bangladesh Unlocked’, covers a myriad of aspects relating to the country including culture, history, language, arts and sports, BanglaCAT, the authorised dealer of Caterpillar Inc USA in Bangladesh, said in a statement.

In an age of increasing digitisation and connectivity, with more and more people getting access to the internet every day and a robust population on social media, especially Facebook, 'Bangladesh Unlocked' provides a unique opportunity for them to learn more about the country they now call home.

As of January 2019, there were over 33 million Facebook users in Bangladesh, almost 20 percent of the entire population. As such, the platform is ideal for disseminating efficient and effective learning and Bangladesh Unlocked aims to do just that, with its aim presented in its tagline: “Know your history. Know yourself.”

BanglaCAT has a vision, one which aims to create a sustainable future for Bangladesh through its unwavering promise towards ensuring excellence in quality and service, and Bangladesh Unlocked is a definite step in that direction. It may not only bring about great changes in how much people know about their own country, it may also be the source of knowledge which inspires the leaders of tomorrow to rise up.

At the end of the day, they are the ones who will take Bangladesh forward into a future of prosperity and success.