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  • Infection: 1,567,981
  • Recovery: 779----
  • Death: 27,828

Source: IEDCR

  • Infection: 243,637,026
  • Recovery: 3,405,---
  • Death: 4,947,878

Source: Johns Hopkins University

Biman pilots launch protests over pay cut

The pilots have decided not to work beyond the contract with the flag carrier

IPL unveils Lucknow and Ahmedabad franchises

The league had approved a proposal in December to add two franchises to the world's richest Twenty20 competition

'I do believe in myself': Solskjaer

Solskjaer's position has come under more scrutiny after Sunday's defeat but the Norwegian vows to stay and fight for his job

A new look for Bhanga Gol Chattar

Bangladesh’s first six-lane expressway will start in Dhaka and tentatively end at Bhanga, an upazila on the banks of the Kumar River in Faridpur, after crossing Padma Bridge. A tangle of roads, locally known as Bhanga Gol Chattar, in the upazila has taken on a fresh, new look thanks to the development of the Padma Bridge and the expressway nearby. None of the country’s other highways can boast a similar view.

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Russia challenges Biden with cybersurveillance

Officials caution that there was little evidence it had been broadly successful at stealing data from US and other Western targets

How the supply chain broke, and why it won’t be fixed anytime soon

The pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of the global supply chain — that’s the usually invisible pathway of manufacturing, transportation and logistics

PayPal says it isn’t interested in pursuing Pinterest

The payments firm squelched talk that it was seeking the social media platform “at this time.” A deal might have been worth about $45 billion

US struggles with Afghan evacuees weeded out in vetting

No final decisions have been made, but dozens red-flagged for apparent criminal pasts or links to militants have been sent to a base in Kosovo, where their fate is uncertain

Dinosaurs socialised millions of years ago

Little is known about the behavior of dinosaurs, but a large number of Mussaurus fossils gives scientists new information about their social lives

A rare win in the cat-and-mouse game of ransomware

A team of private security sleuths, in their first public detailing of their efforts, discuss how they used cybercriminals’ mistakes to quietly help victims recover their data

COVID vaccines should begin soon for kids: Fauci

Children ages 5 to 11 may be eligible for vaccines by early next month, he says

Developed nations say they can deliver $100bn climate fund

Climate finance is a crucial issue for the summit, which is aiming for more ambitious country commitments to limit warming

Desperate for workers, restaurants turn to robots

They can make French fries, mix drinks and even clean toilets, and they never ask for a raise. But they also break down