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  • Infection: 1,773,149
  • Recovery: 779----
  • Death: 28,329

Source: IEDCR

  • Infection: 369,465,088
  • Recovery: 3,405,---
  • Death: 5,648,682

Source: Johns Hopkins University

Taylor banned over money received from spot-fixers

Former Zimbabwe batsman said he was blackmailed and never went through with the arrangement and was coerced into accepting the money from an Indian businessman

Questions of power, process after harassment claim at FIFA

The head of the star-studded FIFA Legends programme is found to have sexually harassed a subordinate in 2019. The victim still isn’t sure he was ever punished

The ships that travel to St Martin’s Island

During the tourist season, several passenger ships take visitors from Teknaf to St Martin’s Island. Recently, two ships from Chattogram and Cox's Bazar are also operating on this route. At least nine ships visit the island every day. As the number of tourists rises, so do the number of ships. However, there are various complaints about the quality of services offered by these vessels.

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Austria to further ease COVID restrictions

The country will allow shops and restaurants to remain open longer while relaxing curbs on the unvaccinated

France's economy bounces back, while Germany's falters

Europe has been slower to recover than the United States, where the economy grew last year at the fastest pace since 1984

Goldman Sachs lifts CEO's pay to $35m

David Solomon's total pay for 2021 includes an annual base salary of $2 million and a variable compensation of $33 million

How Trump coins became an internet sensation

It's not obvious who's promoting the coin or profiting from it. It’s sold by a mysterious news website about which little is disclosed. Trump has nothing to do with the coin

Scientists amazed by blinking star's 'unexpected' behaviour

It may be the first known example of what is called an 'ultra-long period magnetar'

What we learnt about Pegasus

Israel used the NSO Group’s cyberweapon as a tool of diplomacy. The FBI tested it for domestic surveillance. Then everything soured

Merck COVID pill effective against omicron in lab studies

Six lab studies show that their experimental oral COVID-19 drug, molnupiravir, is active against the variant, the drugmaker says

Alarming mercury levels in Amazon rainforest

The findings, related to gold mining in Peru, provide new evidence of how people are altering ecosystems in dangerous ways around the world

Swiss city at last has a woman on night watch

Lausanne has kept a night watch atop its cathedral since 1405, but it never appointed a woman to the role until Cassandre Berdoz