Pori Moni was carried out of Dhaka Boat Club, two hours after entry: police

Dhallywood actress Pori Moni needed to be carried out around two hours after she walked into Dhaka Boat Club, the police say after watching the security camera footage.

The footage confirms that “something” happened to her in the club after the midnight of Jun 8, the police said on Wednesday after analysing the video.

Two people carried her out into a waiting white car, said Abdullahil Kafi, Dhaka superintendent of police.

He said they were trying to find out when key suspect Nasir Mahmood entered and left the club.

Another police officer who saw the footage said Pori Moni got off a black car at 1:22am and walked normally into the club at Birulia near Uttara on Jun 9. She got out at 1:59am.

The police have arrested businessman Nasir Uddin Mahmood, Tuhin Siddiqui Omi and three women in a case filed by the actor on charges of trying to rape and murder her at the club on that night. The club then expelled Nasir and Omi.

Film star Pori Moni speaking to the media after meeting police officials at the Detective Branch office on Tuesday, Jun 15, 2021 about a case over alleged rape and murder attempts on her. Photo: Mahmud Zaman Ovi

During interrogation in another case over drugs, the duo admitted to slapping her in the face and shoving her to the ground, said Moshiur Rahman, a deputy commissioner at Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Detective Branch.

The club’s bar, where the incident occurred, has no CCTV camera.

Pori Moni’s costume designer Jimmy, who has given a single name, captured a 15-second video of the incident before being beaten up. The police said they heard a man swearing in the chaotic video.

She accused Nasir of forcing her to drink liquor before assaulting and trying to rape her at the club.

Nasir, however, denied the allegations during his arrest. He said Pori Moni and the people accompanying her assaulted him when he had tried to stop them from taking liquor at the club’s bar.

She entered Banani Police Station at 3:52am on her feet, an official said. Instead of recording a case, the police sent her to a hospital to get the alcohol out of her.

After she took to the Facebook and spoke at a media briefing, the police moved quickly to record the case and arrest the suspects.

Policemen escort businessman Nasir Mahmood, arrested on charges of trying to rape and murder actress Pori Moni, to the Chief Judicial Magistrates Court of Dhaka on Tuesday, Jun 15, 2021. Photo: Mahmud Zaman Ovi

Besides Jimmy and Omi, Pori Moni’s sister Bony was accompanying her during the incident. Bony was identified with a single name as well.

The four entered the club’s bar together. Pori Moni said Omi and Nasir had planned to rape her and worked accordingly.