Chinese man ‘apologised’ after throwing money at traffic policemen in Dhaka 

A Chinese national has apologised for his behaviour after throwing cash in traffic policemen’s direction in Dhaka, police say.

A video of the visibly angry man throwing cash indiscriminately after the car carrying him was stopped in Mohakhali has gone viral on the internet.

The identity and other details of the Chinese man were not available, but he told police he would submit papers through a lawyer, said Shehed Al Masud, a deputy commissioner of traffic police.

The man said he was managing director of a readymade garments factory in the Dhaka and that he had been in the country since 2019. The car, a white Toyota Axio, was bought with bank credit in the company’s name. could not reach the Chinese national for comments.

Many netizens on social media said they believed the man became angry after police demanded money, but police said he lost temper after the car was chosen randomly and stopped as part of routine check-up for papers.

Harun-Or-Rashid, a town sub-inspector of traffic police, filed a general diary at Kafrul Police Station on Wednesday over the incident that occurred on Tuesday afternoon.

It said the traffic policemen there sought to start a case after finding that the car’s tax token expired, but the Chinese man got off suddenly and angry when the policemen were speaking to the driver.

The man accepted his actions were wrong and offered a “verbal” apology, police’s Deputy Commissioner Shahed said on Thursday.

“We’ve checked and found that our traffic policemen did not demand money or act wrongfully. They were checking cars randomly. That car’s papers were also checked. They did not even talk to the foreign national,” he added.

Asked why he got angry, Shahed said, “He thought the policemen here were conducting the check for harassment, just like what happens there [in China].”

“The driver also said the policemen did not demand money. The foreigner said he did it in the heat of the moment before talking to the driver.”