Catkin fields on Dhaka's outskirts pull visitors

Ainta is an area inside Bashundhara River View Project in Dhaka’s south Keraniganj. Catkins have bloomed across the fields adjacent to a small spiral canal. Locals have named the place Sarighat.
Catkins or phragmite grass flowers have bloomed across the fields in Sarighat this autumn. Scores of people flock to the area to experience the beauty of the surroundings amid the coronavirus crisis.
Sarighat is about seventeen kilometres from Dhaka.
The huge open spaces around Sarighat are now occupied by catkins.
Sarighat has become a busy tourist destination because of the white flowers.
Every day thousands of people visit the place to experience the beauty of catkins.
Many people also visit the place to enjoy boat rides in the small Sarighat canal.
In addition to boats, kayaking facilities are also available in the Sarighat canal.
On a regular day, the boat fare is Tk 150-200 per hour while the kayaking fee is Tk 300-350 per hour. The fares go up quite a bit during the weekends.
Many people can be seen riding small boats in Saraighat without life jackets. The canal is very deep and multiple drownings have taken place in the past, according to locals.
Young people take baths in the canal despite the risks.
People from different parts of Dhaka flock to the area in groups to experience the beauty of Sarighat.
Fridays and Saturdays draw lots of visitors to Sarighat.
Most of the visitors fail to follow the health and hygiene guidelines amid the coronavirus crisis.
Visitors never forget to capture their joyous moments on camera.
Tasneem Shipra and her sister have come to see the flowers with their mother from Dhaka’s Sutrapur.
Young TikTokers are also spotted in Saraighat.
Many people take rickshaw rides through the flower fields.
Chairs with umbrellas are also available for rent in Sarighat.
Travelling vendors sell a variety of delicious foods to visitors.
The flower fields are mostly empty at the start of the day.
The fields get crowded from afternoon onwards. A lot of people stay in the area until evening.
Many people pollute the area during their visits. They throw away various types of plastic waste.
A Tila Munia bird is pictured in Sarighat. They live amidst the flowers and eat grass seeds. Apart from the Munias, birds of other varieties can also be found in Sarighat.
The sunset in Sarighat is a pleasant sight and many people stay back until the evening to enjoy its beauty.